Rave!! Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system


I generally have combination skin, I suffer from the occasional breakout around the time of the month. One of my peeves is the massive pores on my face, more specifically around my nose and cheek area. My pores is the first thing I see when I look at my face. I have used heaps of products on my face to tame them but to no avail.  Wasted hundreds of dollars and one day, I finally got it.

My curiosity got the best of me, and at 20% off who could resist?! I actually wanted to review this product asap but I thought I needed to give it ample time for results to show. It has been 4 weeks since I purchased this and I’m glad I did.


Comes with 10ml cleanser and a AA battery so you’re ready to go!!! Only con I can think of is I wish it came with instructions. I had to youtube how to put the battery in.


As you can see the size of my pores have significantly decreased. Before I can definitely see my pores from a mile away but now I would need a magnifying mirror to see. The improvement in my skin is obvious, I used to have comedone acne but not anymore! They have gone away. I’m glad I didn’t purchase a clarisonic because I got a unit that is just as good but for a fraction of the cost!!! This is one of my HG products!!


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